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Death metal - Progressive metal

(Psychoparalysis) plays dynamic death metal, a unique mixture of crushing riffs, enchanting melodies and pure death metal groove. Our songs are composed to satisfy personal feelings and inspirations while bands like Death and Bolt Thrower echoed in the depths of the mind.

The band was founded in Vantaa, Finland in 2009. Anssi Kantola (guitar/vocals) had songs that didn't fit his other band and at the same time were something that could be used to talk Bhaadi ”Jani” Partanen (guitar), Otto Trygg (bass, backing vocals) and Mika Sallamaa (drums) into forming a new band on. This first lineup remained unchanged from 2010 until 2014, when Mika Sallamaa left and Oskari Tarvainen joined. In 2017 Jani Partanen quit and Sami Eskola joined.

By the year 2017 (Psychoparalysis) have played 66 shows in 5 countries and shared stage with e.g. Psycroptic (AUS), Bombs of Hades (SWE), Rippikoulu (FIN) to name a few. During about the first 4 years of the band's existence, (Psychoparalysis) put out four releases. The full length album Human Disposition was released in 2013, and between 2010-2012 the band released three demos. Then after a nerve-cracking, lineup-shaking, passive aggressive songwriting/DIY recording process that took the following three years and a bit more, exactly two (2) songs were born. ”Voracious” introduces the longest and the shortest songs (Psychoparalysis) have recorded up to date. It is the band's first release with Oskari on the drums and the last one with Bhaadi on the guitar. For the first time the drums were recorded at Silkki Studio, and the mixing and the mastering were carried out by Trollhouse Audio/Henri Sorvali. The rest was DIY as always.

The moniker “(Psychoparalysis)” is a portrayal of people’s lack of ability to think for themselves. This paralysis of the mind seems to be so very common among people on planet Earth, unfortunately. It is unsettling to see most of the people here on settling for the half-truths and even lies fed by media. Think for yourself and be free from psychoparalysis.