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A Soul Called Perdition

A Soul Called Perdition


Death metal - Melodic death metal

A metal band from Hämeenlinna, Finland, that started out in 2014 as a one man project and released the debut album "Into The Formless Dawn" as such in 2016 but has since evolved into a fully realized and active band. The lineup consists of former and current members from bands like Pain Confessor, Cadacross, SinKing, Kara Darahu, Seele, Society, Jane Doe 69, The Zombi, Mörbid Vomit, Yearning, One from the North, JESUS CHRIST THIS LIST GOES ON AND ON!!!
In 2018 Esa Heikkinen takes a break due to his other duties and our good friend Riku Mäkinen (One from the North, Seele) takes care of the low end until he is able to return.

2018 also marks the milestone of first material created together as a four-piece and there are plans for a new EP-type release. And a second album. We shall see!