Capital of metal




Black metal

Greetings from ZeroNexus!

I had to return to the edge of the humanity to escape the stench of life, to find a scent of death.

As long as there is a will to keep all the sculpture's alive, They force us wonder among the stone's in hope that someday we'll become one of those.

We grow as a mushroom's, live like ant's , we breed like an Australian Marsuphilam's and die like rat's, but still there is no bless of comprehension to accept the fact that we're nothing but an animal's among all the other species.

The truth is too distant to reach for the masses, way too close to understand, so it's easier to fall on foam of vanity and keep your own will silent, Oh what a tragedy!

Still there is a small crew who refuse to step inside the wall's of emotional prison, guarded by the church,the coverment and the community.

It's not in any religion or science, it's in you.

I exist, I resist ... and so do you!

I. Ruoja Suruntuoja