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Barren Earth

Barren Earth


Death metal - Progressive metal

Barren Earth's line-up boasts a diverse mix of musical backgrounds, its members hailing from acts including Amorphis, Kreator, Mannhai, Rytmihäiriö, Hamferð and Moonsorrow, yet the band doesn't sound like a knock-off of any one of them. They maintain that Barren Earth started with a clean slate right from their debut (Our Twilight) with no expectations of how the music should sound. Simply put, there would never have been a Barren Earth to begin with if the members had been able to satisfy their musical appetites in their respective bands. As such, A Complex Of Cages features brand new material written specifically with Barren Earth in mind. It is not - nor has any Barren Earth album ever been - a collection of leftovers dusted off for the sake of releasing them.

Sami: "This is very a very healthy thing for any musician to do as often as possible, as it provides a feeling of spiritual release. The riffs I presented for Barren Earth have nothing to do with Kreator riffs as they emerge from a completely different place with different objectives."

Janne: "The very reason the band exists is purely musical, that’s the way it’s always been. It was born out of a need, a passion. For each of us the band continues to be a product of love for music and the continuing search for that said release that comes from creating something new and beautiful."