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Brother Firetribe

Brother Firetribe


Glam - Other - Tennis Heavy

Brother Firetribe is a hard rock and adult-oriented rock band. They take their name from an in-joke as a perfect description for their music is ‘tennis heavy’ and the name of a Finnish former professional tennis player Veli Paloheimo translates into English as ‘Brother Firetribe’. Their first album False Metal was released in 2006, it was later re-issued as Break Out.

Brother Firetribe has released three studio albums and one live DVD. Their latest album Diamond in the Firepit was released in May 2014.

In February 2017 it was announced that Brother Firetribe would appear at Rockingham Festival 2017, this to be held at Nottingham Trent University, UK, between 20 and 22 October 2017, the band scheduled to appear on Sunday 22nd