Capital of metal




Death metal - Sludge metal - Thrash metal

Founded by Marko Mäkinen & Mikko Kivimäki as a musical frustration venting platform after their previous band's internal combustion in 2014, CCMF has since found its form after arrival of Rami Vartiainen and Mika Lehtinen. Although foundation stems from 80's & 90's death metal, CCMF isn't afraid to incorporate any influences they love from the metal field.

Four guys with unhealthy amount of self-irony shouldn't be taken lightly. As the band's motto goes: "NO WE CAN'T!"

Marko Mäkinen: Guitars, Vocals
Mikko Kivimäki: Drums
Rami Vartiainen: Bass
Mika Lehtinen: Guitars, Backing Vocals