Capital of metal





The beginning of Grimace was during the winter 2007/2008. The first year was mostly a struggle, but eventually we got our line-up sorted and could put our focus back on producing own material. As the year 2013 started, also started our biggest project so far: our debut album. The project reached the goal at November, 2013, when Gates of Mind got released.

The urge to finally make our official music video grew and our next release got its shape in the process. May 2015 the process got finished - EP Rising and our 1st official music video, Rising, got released. At the end of 2016 we had still few songs unrecorded, but our ranks were falling apart, so we decided to do one final recording with five members – and this is how our demo, Oath Promised, saw the light and Olli left the band.

Year 2017 was a hard year as our ranks were sparse again after our drummer decided to call it quits. But we got drumming section sorted again and from this on we decided to keep it four members only and started to make new material. This is how Of Mand and His Path shaped out and was recorded in Feb, 2018.

Now we’re hunting more and more gigs and trying to reach the public even further…
Stay tuned, you never know when we might appear to your neighborhood...