Capital of metal




Black metal - Death metal

We came into being in Tampere, Finland circa 2011, but through a variety of backgrounds and periods. It has taken a while to get here, but in retrospect everything has happened for a reason. Our soundscape was not created, it was honed.

A deeply personal katharsis will appear crazy to others. It’s an abstraction, ‘cause it reflects the cycles of transmutation. Our lyrical approach is therefore in our native tongue and aimed at the spaces in between. Our sound adapts to serve a purpose, ‘cause real self-expression is pure emotion. And we play metal, ‘cause it comes natural for us.

The Hukutus discography includes a dynamic trinity of singles, the harbingers: ”Nadiirit”, "Metsä ja yö" and “Koitus”. After a long search we signed with finnish My Fate Music. Seven years of forging summoned forth the debut album, called “Oksitosiini” (“Oxytocin” in Finnish). The album was recorded in three sessions and captured mostly live in studio to maximise a raw and crude sound. It is a cornucopia of natural imperfection and a channeling of chaotic energies.

”Chasing the soma-dragon, only to capture a dose of oxytocin. This is no narrative, it’s a bundle of wayward paths – towards dead-ends, into forsaken shrines, from the sham of gnosis, into empty darkness, to reach a hated tomb. A sworn devotion is a madman’s oath. There is no integrity, the eight fragmented chapters are merely means to an end. Be it religion, nihilism, political ideology, substance abuse, sexual fervour or asceticism. It is not what one finds, but what is exorcised. The Devil is in the details. The fear of fright behind the surface of the mirror. Your true darkness. Your oxytocin.”

Line-up: Aoghori, Opakaj, Tamas, Akakabusa, Tsuuk.

Session members: Vilho, Faari, hrv.320.

Photo By Susanna Raitamaa