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Kuoleman Galleria


Black metal - Pagan metal - Thrash metal - Other - Black'n'Roll

Kuoleman Galleria is black'n'roll. It's rock/metal music with black metal type vocals and decadent attitude. Everyone will die... it's just a matter of time. The grave is open for you...

In the world of KUOLEMAN GALLERIA there is no place for faith and hope arises briefly when you are scratching the last wet match desperately with your numb hands on a matchbox cover only to feel warm for a second. KUOLEMAN GALLERIA creates their music unconditionally and do not bow to any direction. The music takes form in groovy songs not forgetting the madness lurking on the back.

KUOLEMAN GALLERIA was born in 2012 as a one man project. After all musicians were found in 2014 the band started to compose a full-length album. The debut album KÄRSIMYS KUNNIAAN was released early 2016 and it gained good reviews. After the first album release KUOLEMAN GALLERIA toured in Finland during 2016 and got inspiring feedback from the audience. In April 2017 the band made a tour of eight gigs through Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. The audience in those countries was eager to hear some Finnish black’n’roll and welcoming was warm.

The idea of second album started to form and in June 2017 band went into studio and launched the album recordings. The new album carries a title PIMEYS SAAPUU POHJOISEEN and it will crystallize the idea of being a Finn living in the dark and cold north. This album has more musical nuances than the first album and it will bring the dark core of KUOLEMAN GALLERIA into everyone’s mind. The album contains 14 new songs that are connecting to each other and yet they are still individual songs with the different moods. PIMEYS SAAPUU POHJOISEEN is dark, gloomy and angry album with the pinch of hatred and loads of despair.