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Mind Riot

Mind Riot


Alternative metal - Melodic death metal

Tuomo Saikkonen, the guitarist of one of the most successful metal bands ever in Finland, Mokoma, was asked to resurrect his old band Mind Riot to play a show at Tuska Festival’s 20th Anniversary in Helsinki in summer 2017.

The front man said yes to the proposition but also decided to finalize a few songs that were written during the years after Mind Riot quit in 1997. Come Undone EP will be released on Mokoma founded label Sakara Records on April 26th 2017.

“Especially the super catchy riffs and melodies by my guitarist pal Juha (Javanainen) kept haunting me throughout all these years. It was relieving and great fun to finally get them out of our systems”, says Saikkonen.

Mind Riot was a rather strange metal band from Finland, founded in 1990. The band released two albums, Peak (1995) and Inferno Go-Go (1996) for an Italian label Godhead Records. The band returns now to release an EP and play a few shows.