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Mournful Lines

Mournful Lines


Gothic metal

Oulu based Mournful Lines relies on its ability to mix several different genres in to one without losing the meaning what the band is all about; melancholy. Mournful Lines has been playing its signature metal since 2013.

Though the bands music strongly defines itself as metal it stands out from all the other similar bands by its signature element of having two lead vocalists. That element itself isn’t reinventing the wheel type a thing but once the vocals are clean and performed in a perfect harmony, it's a totally different thing. That along the fact that Mournful Lines plays its signature metal with a much lighter sound separates the band from similar bands. Once the band hired its first female vocalist and her background in pop music being so strong the band got a wider perspective on how to make metal.

Lyrics are commonly revolving around topics such as suicide, depression, domestic violence, cheating and self-hatred but there also is a sentimental side to their lyrics too - love, but committed to their melancholic side, love is portayed from a negative perspective hence the name for the band.

Their new single "Souls Entwined" has had a great reception among listeners all over the world!

See Through, Broken Melody along with the first single The Game were produced, mixed and mastered by the one and only Hiili Hiilesmaa (