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Napoleon Skullfukk

Napoleon Skullfukk


Death metal

In the year 2004 Napoleon Skullfukk started to desecrate this world with insane guitar riffs flavoured with simple, but disturbing drum- and basslines creating a revolting atmosphere with their lyrics of torture and violence. After some line-up changes they returned with praised and hated Torture Metal MCD!

Through the MCD released in the year 2008 they strive to take influences from bands like Death, Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Obituary and Cannibal Corpse, taking the music to a new insane level and hammering it into a tight package. Their lyrics are swarming with violence, maggots and torture.

In the year 2010 Napoleon Skullfukk experienced more line-up changes. H.Tikkanen was replaced by M.Jaara and Napoleon Skullfukk released their second attack.
This release painted even more brutal, yet poetic scenes of pestilence. New MCD was titled Swollen, and it contained four pieces of torture called: One Glorious Human Massacre, Inside Journey, Living With The Dead and the title track Swollen.

2011 Napoleon Skullfukk signed with Dynamic Arts Records. As a starter of the co-operation Dynamic Arts released group's both MCD’s on one mid-priced album.
Soon after this I. Junttari was replaced by T.Hautamäki.

2012 they released debut album called 'He Came With Rats' which delivers their skins in even more wicked ways. It combines the best sides of previous Napoleon Skullfukk works, and wipes the floor with 8 new pieces of torture, pain and evil!

Napoleon Skullfukk rises from the dark corners of human soul, filled with black slime and bringing out the atmosphere of terror and disgust! Only one thing is for sure, the river of dead bodies and swollen cadavers will not dry out as long as these sadistic brats dwell on the surface of this planet!

Napoleon Skullfukk is an attack from the past,
the days of torture are here and there's no room for comfort!


T.Myllyaho - Guitar
R.Kurimus - Vocals
J.Lassila - Drums
T.Hautamäki - Bass

Former members:
A.Supperi - Bass
M.Jaara - Guitar
H.Tikkanen - Guitar
I.Junttari - Bass
J.Pennanen - Guitar