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The History of National Napalm Syndicate 1986-1991 National Napalm Syndicate was formed in 1986. At first they started out playing songs from Metallica's "Kill Em All" album and also songs from the first Exodus album. They quickly started writing material of their own. A few line-up changes and a couple of demos later they found themselves signing a major label deal with EMI. The band were one of the first speed/thrash metal acts to emerge from Finland. Their first album, "National Napalm Syndicate," came out through EMI Records in 1989. The band split up in 1991 but then eleven years later they were back with a vengeance. National Napalm Syndicate reunited in 2002, the original guitar duo Markku Jokikokko and Jukka Kyro started to write new songs together.

From 2002 to present-day

In 2002 National Napalm Syndicate start rehearsing with new line-up which included Tero Nevala(ex-Dorotha, ex-Catamenia) and completed vocalist Ile Järvenpää(ex-Solution13). Original band members Markku Jokikokko and Jukka Kyro started to write new material for the band. 2003-2004 NNS record two demo/promo cds and play live for the first time in 15 years. 2005 February/ March the band go on Finnish tour with Sacred Crucifix and Maple Cross. The tour was a success. The tour single "Sweet Revenge" is released as a tour souvenir... In May 2005 National Napalm Syndicate enters the Helgate Studio and begin the recordings for a new full length album. The band play Tuska 2005 Festival and Jalometali 2005 Festival and tour with Sethery and Sacred Crucifix in northern Finland. The album recordings are completed at the Tonebox Studio with Kari "Kakke" Vahakuopus and got final touches at legendary Finnvox Studio. The album "Resurrection of the Wicked" comes out in 2006 by Poison Arrow Records in Finland and by Trinity Records in Asia. Band do some occasional gigs around the Finland in 2006-2007. The year 2007 saw the release of "The Birth, Death and Resurrection" double cd. The album is a re-release of the very first NNS album from 1989 which was never before released on cd format. The second disc included the the re-release of "Resurrection..." album from 2006 with bunch of unreleased material and cover songs. The album came out through EMI records Finland. In summer 2007, the band started to record the material for the next album at Hellgate Studio. The release for the album was scheduled to 22nd april 2009. The album was called "Devolution of The Species" and it was released by Violent Journey Records.

After the "Devolution..." the band played some gigs around Finland but around 2010 decided to put the band to rest.

2013 National Napalm Syndicate reformed with almost original
line-up. Bass player Tero left the group 2014 and was replaced with Niko Karppinen. The band released a new EP Lex Talionis and is prepairing for some live dates.
2015 brought another line-up change, Pasi Pauanne left the building.

After a painful search NNS found the perfect replacement for Pauanne. Ville Hanhisuanto ( Zenith Reunion ) took the drum seat and started to demo new material with the band.
Now almost three years later the band has completed the recordings OF the new thrash masterpiece, “Time is the Fire”. National Napalm Syndicate is mixing the old school thrash metal with influencies from progressive rock, death metal and black metal. The end result is absolutely mind blowing work of metal for the new generation of metal heads.