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Is never late to discover NORUNDA

Launched first album "Irruption" in 2017 , the album is a melodic prog trash metal with bluesy influences, many independient reviews have placed "Irruption" in their Top 10 lists and received reviews around the world as:

"The quality of the ten songs across the album is high", "Simply delicious to the ear"
Whiterooms, The Netherlands

“The whole album is killer, I like every single song! “
Metal militia Magazine. Alison, The Netherlands

"Genuine musical skill on show"
The Rock Logist. Justin Hulford, Great Britain

“Uma das candidatas a revelação de 2017”
“One of the reveltion candidates at 2017”
Metal na Lata. Luiz Gustavo Santos, Brasil - Brazil

"Un equilibrio correcto entre lo conocido y lo novedoso"
“A perfect balance among known and new”
Necromance. Nacho Peña, España – Spain

“Quedo descolocado y confundido, eso me gusta”
“I remain disoriented and confused, I like that”
Metalcry. Juanmi Guerra, España – Spain.

“Disfrutar de un trallazo como Dynamite”
“Enjoy a killer hit like Dynamite “
Mariskal Rock. Borja Diaz, España – Spain

“Es como si esta fuera la forma de hacer thrash metal a partir de ahora”
“As if it were the way of making thrash metal from now on”
Made in Metal. José Arias, España – Spain

“Discazo que nada mas recibir dió tres vueltas completas en mi reproductor”
“As Irruption arrived was played three times in my player”
Rock´antena Roll. JC Manzano, España - Spain

”Pushing to the Limit could turn into a live hit”
“Pushing to the Limit könnte sich zu einem Live-Hit entwickeln
Storm bringer. Hannes Schuhai, Österreich - Austria

“These guys have perfected a sound all their own”
The dirty Room. Adam Pierceall. USA

“Damit haben sie Erfolg”
“They have succeded”
Legacy Magazin. Manuel Stein, Deutchland - Germany

Songs have been composed in Hammaslahti near where Xyze Norunda (bornt Ruben) buil the studio, some songs where jammed with veteran musician "Hannu Lihavainen" before the final records and finally the album was recordeded in Spain and Portugal where Norunda made large Tours in the best venues around the Iberian lands.

The video "Violent street" (filmed by Teemu Myöhänen and Sofia Niva) is a good example of how a song can rise from a quite sad mood to a frenetic dance and shows the progressive and melodic ways that can be enjoyed along the "Irruption" album.

Norunda is preparing new releases and will be surprising in many aspects.