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Planeetta 9

Planeetta 9


Alternative metal - Doom metal

Planeetta 9 is a band from Southern Finland playing emotional doom spiced with Finnish folk music. The musical gathering of this group started from 2016, but the foundation was built slowly during more than two decades. The former assembly carried the name of Saarnastuoli.

Planeetta 9’s music is a versatile metal experience from slow and massive doom sequences to space rock elements and mellow acoustic parts. From many musical influences, here are few worth mentioning: Weeping Willows, Paradise Lost, Black Sabbath, Agents, Rauli Badding Somerjoki, Type O Negative, Sólstafir and early HIM.

Vocals and keyboards – Jukka Salo
Guitars – Sami Suominen
Bass – Ville Kankaanpää
Drums – Ohto Pallas