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Post Pulse

Post Pulse


Death metal

Post Pulse is a unique death metal band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Consisting of members Antti Karhu (ex-The Man-Eating Tree), Sam Roon (Hung), Tapani Rantanen and Anttoni Välimaa, the multi-cultural lineup produces a sound that marries American and Finnish death metal styles. The result is a rhythm-heavy, aggressive, and impactful body of work that stands out among bands in their genres on both sides of the ocean.

2016 will be the year Post Pulse announces their birth, but 2015 is where this band’s story begins. Band members were finalized, the writing process found its groove, the band found their sound and every song planned for the debut Post Pulse release was created before the change of the year.

The first album from Post Pulse will be a (yet-unnamed) concept record that takes the listener on a journey through one man’s struggle with life given a unique set of personal circumstances. The record kicks off with “The Gates,” where our character finds himself at the entrance to a mental asylum, and the story goes on from there. The record also includes a very unique version of an old classic song, re-imagined with the band’s unique sound.

Though the band members come from different walks of life, one major unifying factor between them is their extreme focus on detail within the art. Every note, hit, scream or rumble has been carefully planned and executed. Nothing you hear exists without careful consideration. That idea translates into the idea that recordings should be ‘human’ in the sense that not everything is supposed to sound like a machine has played it. The human flaw is part of the art.