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Power metal - Thrash metal - Traditional heavy metal

RUINSIDE was formed in Tampere, Finland in the fall of 2005. After years of struggling with the line-up changes, the band finally found a solid basis for working professionally in 2010. The basic idea of RUINSIDE’s music style was formed and the band released their debut album 'The Hunt' in 2012 through Mighty Music, after releasing two demos and two EPs on their own.

After the album release RUINSIDE toured in Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Germany and Finland. ‘The Hunt’ spawned three music videos and got great reviews all over Europe - “…a hidden gem in the thrash world” (, “…will drive your neck to the limits” (, “It’s very rarely that you experience bands so innovative” (

Shortly after the debut was released the unthinkable happened and RUINSIDE lost their beloved bassist Lauri Aitonurmi in a severe car crash. The band took a couple of months to get through the whole situation and discuss about the future. After this meditation break RUINSIDE decided that the show must go on, and they began their search for a new bassist.

Subsequently RUINSIDE started to work with their second release and the band hit the studio in late 2013. The album recordings were finished during the spring of 2014. The result is a new piece of 'power thrash' named “10 Forms of Dominion” that saw the daylight again through Mighty Music.