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Sgt Slime

Sgt Slime


Thrash metal

Sgt Slime is an acidic slime surfing crossover thrash metal band founded 2016 in the sewers of Turku. They blend both thrash metal and hardcore punk into a fast, loud and rude mix of madness and mayhem.

In the spring of 2017 the band started recording their first EP, "Nuclear Tan", which got released in the beginning of June and few months later the band released their 2nd EP with the title "Chopping Mall". In May 2018 the band released their 3rd EP "Songs From The Sewer", all of which can be found on YouTube and Bandcamp.

Grab a beer and a slice of pizza, the slimeboys brings the grooves, so don't forget to put on your dancing shoes, and thrash along, Get Slimed!