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Death metal

Skulmagot was spawned in the gutters and toilet bowls of Helsinki (Finland) in early 2015 to play brutal Florida style death metal. No more, no less, absolutely no gimmicks, just good old death metal killing spree.

This two-man squad of fetid disharmony has made their presence known in the scene over the last 20 years, resulting in all kinds of flammatory material, their best known work being their latest efforts (Ratface, Tukkanuotta, Bloodlands).

Skulmagot’s debut ep ”Fascinated By Disgust” was laid down on tape in late 2015, complete DIY-style in their private human-urea infested recording facility.Wait for no one, take no prisoners, this trip of filth, toilet floors and brutal American style death metal is just getting started.

Hold on to your testicles, or Skulmagot might serve them to you as salty snacks to go with your hangover beer.