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BIOGRAPHY (in 2003): Smash plays In-Your-Face-style heavy rock with strong vocals and grooving riffs. Smash hails from Jyväskylä, Finland. It was formed in summer 1999 in Ruisrock Festival where bass player Toni Mets and guitarist Juho Hämäläinen were boozing and headbanging. While listening to festivals headliner Metallica they realised what had been missing from their life for a long time. HEAVY METAL.

Smash in 2000. Photo: Hanna-Kaisa HämäläinenAfter few beers Mets and Hämäläinen decide to return their musical roots. Back home they contact their friends drummer Jani Lahtinen and singer Timo Heinonen and voilá: Smash was born.

Jani Lahtinen left the band in the beginning of year 2001 to pursue other musical adventures and was soon replaced by Tommi Tuunanen. The change in the line-up gave Smash a healthy musical kick in the ass and made the band even better than it was before.

Smash has released couple of demo's which have had very good response from Finnish rock press. Smash's official debut cd, a 5-song EP The Last Stage was released in January 2003 through local independent record label Fan Records.