Capital of metal




Death metal - Thrash metal

”Sometimes the party takes you places that you didn't really plan on going"

I didn't write that, heard it in a song, but ain't that the fucking truth? Life has a funny way of pushing you around and that's where Tukkanuotta draws its lyrical inspiration from. Getting in way over your head, the Finnish way.

Hailing from Mosa, Kantsu and Sörkka, all ruthless housing projects of Helsinki where riff raff are the ruling class, amphetamine is the government and alcohol the king. Blue collar, white trash, red light, Tukkanuotta annihilates mercilessly its way through the acute and unfriendly songs, paying tribute to the army jacket wearing longhaired fucks and metal masterminds of yesteryears.

We got no panty wetting choruses or ice hockey theme songs. Fuck those pretty boys with their lip piercings, 200 euro designer jeans and clean vocals. Tukkanuotta is all about worn out Napalm Death t-shirts, shitty quality Suffocation c-cassetes and hangovers.

This is metal and we fucking love it.