Capital of metal




Funk metal - Progressive metal - Speed metal

Active 1988-1993. Started with playing Metallica cover versions, ended as semi-progressive speed & funk metal act. Founder of their own small festival Lemi Thrash I-IV. Festival took place in Tapiola talo, future rehearsal place for Stam1na.

Janne Hyrkäs (drummer of Mokoma / Sakara Records ):

”Organise a gig by yourself was the best way if you wanted to play, very much diy-attitude from the begining. I think all the four Lemi thrash events were more or less sold out. YUP as a standard headliner helped a little, heh. But I have to say Mindstorming demo (1991) is still one hell of a piece of innovative music. Check SoundCloud link”.

Jani Kemppinen Vocals
Jarno Junnonen Guitar (solo)
Markus Vaalgamaa Guitar
Markus Räipiö Bass
Janne Hyrkäs Drums