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Zenith Reunion

Zenith Reunion


Progressive metal - Traditional heavy metal

At the beginning, there was Loudspeaker, then Deadfish and in the end, Zenith.

Things in common for these 80's and 90's heavy music line-ups were the town of Pudasjärvi and the same young lads lethally bitten by heavy rock music.

The latest lineup, Zenith, was started on the ruins of Deadfish in 1994. All the work done with Deadfish, those workable riffs were just too precious to throw to after the lineup was formed as J. Juurikka (vocals), J. Ihme (guitar), J. Jokikokko (bass) and Mika Alatalo (drums), the band went straight into - NOT training but to the studio. A demo was fininshed in late fall of 1994. Wintry months were spent quietly until the lead singer moved back to Pudasjärvi with his brand-new Gibson in the summer of 1995. The line-up remained same yet Jouni grabbed the rhythm guitar in additon to his mic.

The band was playing and training just for their own pleasure, until after many coincidences a certain Kari Tykkyläinen got hold of the original demo of Zenith. Kari asked the guys to play in a bikers' gathering - and that invitation was something not to refuse.

That gig played in July 1995 was to be the last performance together on the last millenia, as the members were soon to move out around the world and "get real jobs". During these years, these young lads grew up to be men. Yet the inner burn for heavy music was never really put out, all the opposite. Line-up was strenghtened by guitar virtuoso originally from Pudasjärvi, Jukka "Jui" Uusi-Illikainen and so in 2010 - after 15 years, stage of Jyrkkäkoski was filled with melodic heavy sounds of...Can't Feel the Pain! When the line-up was completed with percussions master Ville Hanhisuanto in fall 2010, the setting was ready! And the journey shall continue...

Within the hands of these musicians, mainly from Pudasjärvi, heavy music sounds specially talented - and their playing skills haven't at least gone worce since the early days - due to constant playing in other bands and line-ups. These guys can be seen in the lines of Burning Point, Stargazery, Rytmiterapia, Wonder Bros, Ruba...just to mention a few. Their music is guitar-driven, even progressive hued riffs and rhiming, unison guitar melodies and fast solos in between of straight 'n harsh heavy pounding.