Capital of metal

Which city is the Capital of Metal?

Finland is the heavy metal country, with more than 50 metal bands for every 100,000 people. That’s more metal bands per capita than anywhere else in the known universe. But which Finnish city has the most metal bands?

Could this be the Capital of Metal?

Antti "Hyrde" Hyyrynen from Stam1na travels around Finland to see how metal Finnish cities really are. Our Japanese correspondent Masami "Mr. Perkele" Tsubaki gives points. Watch all videos >

Why is Finland the heavy metal country?

It's not only the fact that we've got the most metal bands per capita. It's so much more. But don't believe us, why don't you see what Barack Obama and Megadeth have to say. View the evidence >

The small town of Lemi is the Capital of Metal

Lemi, in rural Southeast Finland, has come out as the winner of Capital of Metal! The official award ceremony will be held at Tuska Festival. More about Lemi >


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Support the bands on the site and win prizes

Which Finnish metal bands do you like? Hit "like" in support of your favourites for a chance to win gift cards to Recordshop XBrowse the bands > 

You like it? You buy it

Sometimes you just need that physical connection to a recording. It's an all-you-can-buy buffet of Finnish metal at Record Shop X. And supporting your favourites on the site may get you a gift card. Let's shop >

World metal density

Finland is the most metal infested country in the world. A true metal nation. There's more than 50 bands for every 100,000 inhabitants. But what does that look like and how does your country rank? Examine the map >

So, what's the latest on the Finnish metal front?

For headbanging out to the hits and checking out the latest additions to the Finnish metal supply, here's a playlist for your enjoyment. To the playlist >

Expressing our love of metal

How about doing it with the Finland emojis! It was the Finns who invented text messages and consumer text messaging, so you better be sure Finns also introduced heavy metal emojis into the mix. To the emojis >

Capital of Metal brings Brazil to Finland

João Vieira, 20, and his big brother Victor Gonçalves, 30, are the lucky devils who with a few clicks won their way to Tuska from the other side of the world. Read the full article >