Capital of metal

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What is your band's hometown? Introduce yourself, tag your band on the map, and let the race for Capital of Metal begin!

You will also be entering a draw to win gift cards to Record Shop X and Musamaailma, so leave your contact details. Support some bands too, and you may be the lucky person taking a friend to Tuska Open Air Festival with VIP tickets in your pocket!

FYI The more detailed information you leave, the quicker it will go through the publishing system. Also, make sure the band isn't already on the site!

The competition rules and data protection description

The image must be of sufficient resolution and quality. Recommended image size: 31110 x 707 pixels (width x height). The file size must be less than 300 KB. Permitted file formats include: png, gif and jpg. By uploading an image, you are certifying that you have the right to use the image.

Cannot preview uploaded image, please check that uploaded file is jpg, gif or png image.